The Sleep Council has issued some advice on how to beat those restless hot summer nights, when it seems extremely hard to fall asleep.

Instead of tossing and turning on your odd size mattress for hours on end, try some of these top tips in an effort to keep cool and nod off soundly.

Simple measures to keep cool during sleep include;

– Open the windows to create a draught

– Open the attic hatch open so as the hot air rises it goes above the bedroom

– Invest in a quality duvet and mattress that is light.

– Wear light cotton pyjamas to avoid sweating.

– Have a cool bath or shower before bed.

– Keep a cold glass of water handy on the bedside, or try filling a hot water bottle with ice cold water.

– Put the pillow case in the fridge before bedtime.

– Put an electric fan at the bottom of the bed or invest in some air conditioning.

– Keep the curtains shut during the day to block out the sun’s heat.

– And avoid too much caffeine, alcohol or big meals before bed as all can make you hot and bothered in the middle of the night through dehydration.

Follow these top tips and get a great night sleep with the help of The Odd Mattress Company and our quality large mattresses.

Featured Image Credit: / baytunc (Via Custard Online Marketing)