The NHS is spending millions of pounds to help combat insomnia, according to a survey. There are many causes of insomnia and here are the main ones…

4 main causes of insomnia in women


8 out of 10 women in the UK experience symptoms prior to menopause and almost half of them find it hard to cope with this. Results can be anything from lack of sleep and worry to hot flushes and night sweats, which has negative effects on their day-to-day life’s and relationships.

Kathy Abernethy, chair of the UK menopause nurse group, claimed that menopause affects women psychologically as well as physically. She said: “ I often give women lifestyle and diet advice and try to encourage them to look positively at this time of change and to take steps to ensure good health.”

Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) can cause an inability to move your legs, which disturbs your sleep patterns. This is because it causes discomfort in your legs, calves and thighs. I can affect many daily activities, including sleep.

Rachel Peckham, an Acupuncturist claimed that: over 50% of people in the UK suffer from sleep disorders. She said: “Most people find treatment wonderfully relaxing, as acupuncture is known to calm the nervous system and also affects hormonal outputs by increasing endorphin production.”


Stress is something everyone experiences to some extent in their lives. According to a doctor called David Edwards “it can affect each individual in different ways ranging from less severe symptoms such as headaches all the way up to depression and anxiety.”



Drinking lots of caffeine can make it more difficult to fall asleep so cut down on caffeine and ask the experts what to drink before you go to bed to help you fall asleep.

Kirsten Brooks, an expert nutritionist, notes that: “Camomile is a wonderful herb with sedative properties, helping us to relax and encourage sleep. As a warm drink, it’s a great way to unwind in the evening.”

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