The amount of different bed bases can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to deciding on the perfect fit for your mattress.

There are a multitude of different styles that compliment any kind of interior design, and finding the ideal bed frame for your bedroom depends on the type of mattress you have.

Our quick guide to the difference of bed bases is here to help you find the ideal one for you, helping you to get a great nights sleep.

difference between Bed frames

Ottoman bases

Ottoman bed bases can provide you with extra, discreet storage beneath the mattress.

These kinds of bed bases are usually Divan-style with no extra decorative styling which makes them great for a smaller bedroom.

Ottoman bases can be opened up from the head or the side and are a great way to create an extension to your wardrobe.

The lid of the base lifts along with the mattress with the help of springs. The storage space is huge and ideal for large or bulky items such as bedding, winter/summer clothing , shoes or whatever you like!

Firm Edge Sprung Base

These are upholstered sprung bed bases and are generally used on traditional wooden or metal bed frames as a platform to sit the mattress upon.

These kind of bases can be made to any depth to suit your bedstead.

Firm Top bed base

This base has a firm or solid top and is ideal for people who prefer a firmer feel to their bed.

Firm top bed bases can also be used on traditional wooden or metal bedsteads where a firmer feel is required and once again can be made to any depth.

Divan bases

Divan bases are a free standing platform to support your mattress. Divan bases can be made to any depth to create a higher or lower style in order to create the ‘look’ most suited to your room.

Divan bases can be either sprung edge, firm edge or firm top and can be made to accommodate storage drawers if required.

Difference between bed frames

Platform top bed base

The platform top is a solid or firm top and is ideal for those who like a firmer feel to the bed they’re sleeping on.

A platform top bed base is the best choice for anyone looking for a great sleep on a firm mattress.

This type of bed base does not have any springs to help support the mattress; making them ideal for use with orthopaedic mattresses.

Sprung edge bed bases

A sprung edge base has a layer of springs on top of the base to ensure maximum comfort. The springs go right to the edge of the bases creating the ultimate sprung and most luxurious platform to support your mattress.

This extra space between the bed frame and the floor can be used to store Winter clothing in the Summer, creating a great extension to your wardrobe.


Finding your perfect bed base doesn’t have to be a huge task. View our range of bed bases to find the ideal match to your bespoke mattress. A great nights’ sleep is not too far away!