A kid’s bedroom is a place to let their creativity and imagination run wild, so the last thing you’d want in there is some bare white walls.

If wallpapering and paste sounds like something you’d only have nightmares about, worry not. Our useful tips on colour, storage and a short mattress size, will have that room turned around in a jiffy.

Here are some great kids’ bedroom ideas to ensure your little one has a room that they love:

Shorter beds

Shorter beds are a fabulous idea for smaller rooms. This will leave more room for toys, saving them from being sprawled out all over the place. Having this additional space would also mean you could buy an extra set of drawers which come in really handy for all those vests, pants and socks.

Having more floor space means children can enjoy spending time in their room to do a jigsaw or get that big train set out.

Here at Odd Mattress, we can supply a bespoke made-to-measure short mattress to fit your existing bed.

Lots of colour

Stepping away from the traditional all blue or pink, it is believed that different colours inspire different behaviour and creativity, so why not let your child get involved with the choices?

You could with a bold theme for a younger child – maybe a jungle with a fancy light shade, leaf-shaped cushions and green curtains. But if monkeys aren’t their thing, how about an under-the-sea theme or a space theme?

Mobiles are a fun thing to get children to help you make for the ceiling, while stencils are great fun for the walls.

Large stickers can be purchased in sets and are so easy to apply – and more importantly, remove – to make a room look cheerful and bright.

If you don’t fancy adorning the walls in Peppa Pig wallpaper, why not opt for a pale peach on the walls and simply buy some duvet cover and pillowcase of their favourite TV character?

Clever storage

Clever storage options under beds or behind doors can make more space to hold toys, meaning that you can prevent mess… or as much as possible!

It’s easy to pick up storage bed, which incorporates a ladder to sleep above a desk or one that includes a large drawer and cupboard space, so a bed can fit neatly into a corner. Either makes a great space saver, no matter what size of room you have.

For a cool kids’ room, pick a theme that matches their interests, for example, pirates or space, and their room will be the envy of their classmates.

Add some extra furniture

Sadly, as soon as your child goes to primary school, they’ll be inundated with homework. If you want to make this less of a chore, give them an area of their room for a little desk and chair. Make sure this is a separate area from where they’d chill out.

You don’t need anything elaborate. This could just be a comfy chair or beanbag for much-needed downtime after a hard day at school.

Here to help

As kids are always on the go, they will need somewhere to recharge their batteries at the end of the day, our short mattresses have all the comfort of a full-size mattress, while taking up much less space!

If you’re interested in our short mattress products and you have any questions or would like to place an order, our team can help.