Here at Odd, we understand that purchasing a mattress isn’t something you do every day. In fact, with the average mattress replaced once every 7 years, it’s one of the most considered purchases that we make in our lives! 

With more and more consumers trying to be eco-friendly, sustainability has become a key factor in how mattresses are chosen. With that in mind, our experts wanted to share with you the life cycle of an Odd mattress – including how our recycling partner returns the component parts into a circular economy. Choosing a mattress from The Odd Company allows you to rest assured that your mattress will last you for the full length of its natural lifespan, without any costs to your comfort or the environment. 


Stage 1: Customer Conversation 

The first – and arguably the most important  – part of the journey is the conversation that you have with our expert at the beginning of the journey to set out your expectations. No matter what size and shape you need, our expert craftspeople are able to create your bespoke mattress so that it’s truly unique and just right for you! 

Our expert will ask a number of questions about your intended use of the mattress, such as the bedroom it’s intended for, whether it’s for guest use or everyday use and the intended number of occupants, all of which will help us to create a bed that’s perfect for your needs. 

Stage 2: Mattress Creation 

Next, our craftspeople get to work creating your mattress. Our Odd process is unique; rather than cutting thick rectangles from synthetic memory foam, each mattress is handmade to our specifications and your preferences. With our fully sprung mattresses, each mattress core enjoys individual springs, which mould to your body while you sleep. 

Instead of creating your mattress from a mechanical, automated production line, each mattress is made by hand by our experienced team, using the finest quality materials and techniques passed down from generations of mattress-makers. 

Our craftspeople use your choice of natural fillings for a comfort layer – where you’ll choose either curled horsehair, cotton, cashmere or lambswool – naturally soft materials which return to the earth at the end of their life as nature intended. 

Stage 3: Mattress Delivery

Once your mattress is completed, our delivery teams will hand-deliver it to your door – and even your bedroom if required! Should the mattress be a speciality design, such as a zip-to-link, your delivery team will be able to assemble it for you to ensure that you can begin getting that all-important good quality restorative sleep, as soon as possible. 

Stage 4: Mattress Use

Your Odd mattress has been carefully designed, filled and hand-stitched to make sure it offers you the best possible sleep – in the most comfortable, durable and high-quality bed possible. WIth this in mind, you shouldn’t need to replace your Odd mattress for another ten years after purchase  – if you take care of it correctly! 

Mattress care can involve airing your mattress, turning your mattress, and of course never jumping on your mattress  – check out our mattress care tips for more information. Treated well, your bespoke mattress should provide you with a comfortable, supportive sleep for around a decade – far longer than high-street mattresses can offer. 

Stage 5: Mattress Replacement

It’s always a sad day when you decide that your Odd mattress needs replacing. Though every care has been taken to produce your made-to-measure mattress, due to the fact of their daily use, mattresses simply can’t last forever!

Not to worry, though – here at Odd, we’ll be able to create you a new mattress to be loved as much as you did your first – and we can even collect your old mattress as we deliver its replacement. We know that many people worry about mattresses being sent to landfill – which is why, thanks to our recycling partnership, Odd can make sure that every part your mattress begins a new life. 

Stage 6: Mattress Recycling 

Sustainability is important to us here at Odd, which is why we teamed up with our furniture recycling partner to make sure no mattress gets left behind! 

Each part of your pre-loved mattress is separated and sanitised in a careful and labour-intensive process in the on-site recycling premises. Its fillings, coverings and upholstery are removed by hand and its internal spring system placed through a machine which is able to remove the steel wire from within the fabric pockets. The spring is then cut up, baled and sold on as scrap metal. 

Your chosen soft natural filling, whether that’s lambswool, horsehair, cotton or cashmere, will be washed and baled before being used in a huge variety of products ranging from police stab vests to carpet underlay. 

Around 19 separate components from your Odd mattress are recycled, reused and returned into the economy in a new form – so you can rest assured that your mattress is making a difference in more ways than one! 

The More You Know

We hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into the life cycle of an Odd mattress, from the beginning of its life to its reincarnation as something new. If you’d like to speak to our experts about your bespoke mattress needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more.