We all know how important a good night sleep is but how important is the right mattress?

Well according to some latest research, it turns out the mattress really does matter when it comes to hitting the pillow and drifting off peacefully.

Your mattress matters when it comes to sleep quality

Experts at a Sleep Summit in New York, America revealed how a mattress can impact sleep and quality of life.

Dr. Andrew Krystal, Director of the Insomnia and Sleep Research Program at Duke University’s School of Medicine, presented the findings of the “Mattress Matters” study, conducted in collaboration with RTI International. It found that mattresses really do matter when it comes to sleep quality and common health complaints, notably daytime pain.

Krystal explained the remarkable findings, saying: “After analysing 128 healthy, pain-free adults, we discovered that there is a statistically significant correlation between how mattress support affects sleep quality, pain and daytime function.”

Those surveyed differed on the degree of mattress support that was optimal for them, with the conclusion “one size doesn’t fit all.”

This is why you should order one of our Made to measure mattresses; as the survey shows it is integral as a mattress for your friend may not be suitable or efficient to support you.

Featured Image Credit: iStockphoto.com / krblokhin (Via Custard Online Marketing)