Many people swear by having a power nap to make them feel more refreshed during the day and keep them productive, but just how long should you sleep for?

The answer is less than you probably expect. Just 10 – 20 minutes is enough to refresh you and help increase your productivity and alertness.

Luxury mattresses promote better napping

Napping for too long can lead to you feeling disorientated and a bit groggy when you wake up, and this can stop you from being able to function properly after your nap. This is because if you nap for too long, your body will start to go into the deep sleep mode and it will be harder for you to wake up.

A cat nap can be very beneficial!

When having a nap, it can be hard to switch off and fall asleep in the first place, so ensuring you have a comfortable bed can go a long way towards helping you sleep probably.

Investing in a new mattress can considerably help you sleep better, and with so much choice there is no reason not to get your perfect bed. Whether you’re looking for a divan bed base to improve the comfort of your bed or a brand new handmade mattress to provide you with a luxurious bed time experience, improving the comfort of your bed will almost certainly help you sleep better and feel well rested and ready to face the next day!