Getting into bed at the end of a long day should be a relaxing, enjoyable experience; a chance to close your eyes, unwind and get some rest.

However there are plenty of health problems that can develop as a result of using a mattress that is worn out and has lost its shape, some of which are much more serious that not getting enough sleep.

To find out what these mattress problems are and to ensure your bed is not unknowingly causing you any health issues, read on for a list of difficulties that a bad mattress can cause.

Night sweating

Sweating at night is not an uncommon issue, especially in the warmer summer months.

However, if you suffer from night sweats all year long, and have tried several techniques to overcome the issue, the material that your mattress is made from could be to blame.

Many memory foam mattresses are made from synthetic materials which can reflect your body temperature. A luxury mattress made with high quality materials including cashmere and lamb’s wool, can help with this.

Back pain

A mattress that has not been replaced for years can lose its support and lead to you to develop back pain.

Having a mattress that is too firm or too soft can cause misalignment in your body which, in turn, can leave you in agony. Finding a middle ground in firmness, that will support you but leave room for adjustment, is the key to purchasing the best mattress for back pain.

People who have pain in the lower back will benefit from a firmer mattress, as the lower back will need more support. However, a mattress too firm can risk pressing on your pressure points, causing further pain in your body.

It is always best to discuss your requirements with a mattress expert, prior to making a purchase.

Trouble sleeping

If your mattress is too soft or firm for your taste, you may be finding it difficult to get to sleep at night.

Sleeping on an incredibly soft bed, when your preference is usually a firm bed that supports you perfectly, is sure to lead to you tossing and turning instead of drifting off at night.

Finding the perfect level of support for you, and buying an equivalent mattress will mean you spend less time counting sheep.

A custom mattress will allow you to pick the perfect depth and filling of your sleeping environment, and help you to get to sleep more easily.


If you find yourself itching at night, it could be because you’re allergic to the material that your mattress is made of.

It is best to invest in a high quality mattress which uses natural fillings, as this reduces the risk of you developing a reaction to synthetic materials.

However, bed bugs in your mattress could also be adding to the itching problem and if these are lurking, you may need to have them professionally dealt with. Learning how to spot bed bug bites on your body will help you to decipher if this is the problem.

If any of the above conditions apply to you, it could be time to considering throwing out your mattress and investing in a new one. This could not only improve the quality of your sleep, but the quality of your life!

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