To all of you children out there who sit there in class thinking about drifting off to sleep, then you may be better off doing so.

A new study has found that nodding off in class might not be such a bad thing after all. If you’re learning something for an exam then having a short nap afterwards may be the best way to remember it.

Naps help us learn

According to a leading US author, Jessica Payne who is also a psychologist at the University Of Notre Dame in Indiana, sleeping after you’ve learnt something new is like ‘telling’ the sleeping brain what it needs to retain. Although I’d imagine that trying to incorporate a sleep into a school child’s daily routine is easier said than done.

She studied 207 students with her colleagues who habitually slept for at least six hours each night. The participants of the study were then randomly assigned different things to study from declarative, semantically related or unrelated word pairs at either 9am or 9pm and they then returned for testing 30 minutes, 12 hours, or 24 hours later. This is how she managed to get her results from the study and reach her conclusion.

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