It seems quite an obvious thing to say but when you feel sleepy, it’s best just to go straight to sleep.

Segmented sleep can be healthy

Well according to a new report it’s better for human’s to have a segmented sleep pattern than the supposed ‘8 hours a night’ blocks we’re all meant to have. Allegedly, or a number of centuries, sleep has been divided into two halves. The short period in between is either used for prayer, writing, conversation or yes, sex.

Apparently this makes sense to humans biologically as we’re more suited to a biphasic sleep. If you think about it, the majority of us will have an energy slump after lunch which is, in Spain and Latin America, acknowledged with the traditional siesta.

It has been scientifically proven that humans are biphasic with one single powerful drive to sleep at night and another lapse in alertness during the day. If the siesta was to be adopted in Britain, you would imagine that the economy and businesses up and down the country would grind to a halt, which let’s be honest wouldn’t be great.

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