As far as negative effects on our health and well-being are concerned, a poor night’s sleep is up there with poor diet, lack of exercise and excessive stress. Put simply, we need sleep to function properly. Not sleeping enough or having problems sleeping chips away at our physical, mental and emotional health.

And yet getting a good night’s sleep is something that a worrying number of people struggle with. Half of adults in the UK say they have trouble sleeping at least once a month, and a third say that it is a weekly issue. Most worrying of all, nearly one in five say they struggle to get to sleep on a nightly basis.

There are many reasons why people experience insomnia and restless nights. For some it is lifestyle factors like caffeine, nicotine or alcohol consumption, eating too late at night or over-stimulating themselves with exercise or too much screen time before bed. For others it is stress and anxiety, or underlying ill health. Often it is a combination of all of these things.

But an equally critical factor in whether or not you get a good night’s sleep is environment. Factors such as light, noise, temperature and comfort have been shown to have a huge influence on sleep quality. 

This is The Odd Company’s specialist subject. Our mission is to help people sleep as well as possible. A good quality bespoke mattress improves your sleep, with breathable, natural fibres helping to regulate temperature all year round and provide proper lumbar support from a pocket spring system which guarantees outstanding comfort.

We firmly believe that investing in a good mattress from The Odd Company can transform the quality of your sleep and with it your health and well being. Here’s why.

Why is sleep so important?

Matthew Walker, author of the bestselling 2017 book Why We Sleep, outlines just a few of the reasons why sleep is the biggest boost to our bodies and immune systems – and why a lack of it can be more than simply frustrating. For instance, Walker found in his studies that people aged 45 years or older who sleep less than six hours a night are 200% more likely to have a heart attack or stroke in their lifetime compared with those sleeping seven or eight hours a night. 


This shocking statistic is just the tip of the iceberg. It has also been discovered that after just one night of substandard (4-5 hours) sleep, your ‘natural killer cells’ – the ones that attack the cancer cells that appear in your body every day – drop by 70 per cent. Sleep deprivation has been linked to increased risks of bowel, prostate, ovarian and breast cancer.


Meanwhile, the adverse impact a lack of sleep has on our mental health, happiness and energy levels is becoming more widely understood. Almost half of UK adults (48%) say that sleeping badly has had a negative effect on their mental health. Four in 10 people have pointed to lack of sleep as a trigger for feeling stressed, overwhelmed, angry or irritable, while a third say it leads to increased feelings of anxiety. 

How can a good quality mattress help you sleep better? 

So, we know that getting restful sleep is absolutely essential. But how can a good quality mattress help you sleep better? 


Part of the problem for consumers when it comes to buying a mattress is cutting through all the marketing jargon to understand what really makes a mattress comfortable. When you shop for a mattress in a retail park or high street store, you’re dazzled with unimaginable spring counts, space age-sounding technology and, of course, heavy discounts.


But there’s more to this than meets the eye. Many popular mattresses use thickly-cut cheap foam in either part or all of their construction. Foam makes these mattresses easier to mass produce, but provides less support for your spine and muscles as you sleep when compared with a fully-sprung bespoke mattress. 


Inadequate support from your mattress means your muscles remain tense throughout the night, which is a common cause of troubled sleep (not to mention those aches and pains when you wake up!) 


In addition, foam does not breathe particularly well. It retains body heat in order to mould around you – meaning many people who use foam-based mattresses complain of overheating, particularly during the warmer months of the year.


At The Odd Company, ensuring that your quality of sleep will be second-to-none is our primary purpose. Our bespoke mattresses use a pocket spring system to support your body as you sleep. With pocket sprung mattresses, your body’s correct posture is maintained whilst you sleep, with the lumbar curve of your spine being supported. 


This also means that with an Odd mattress, the muscles around your rib cage and spine can relax. When you wake up, you feel fully rested, refreshed and ready to start the new day in a positive way – a completely different experience compared to sleeping tensed up all night.


In addition, we only use natural fillings such as lambswool, horsehair, cotton and cashmere in all our bespoke mattresses. These fillings pair sumptuous softness with breathability. A good flow of air through your mattress is a natural way to regulate temperature, as the laws of convection mean that, when temperatures dip in the winter, warmth will be trapped in the mattress, but excess heat will be carried away when temperatures rise in the summer.


The materials we use are also naturally hypoallergenic, helping to fight allergies to things like dust mites, and the fibres wick away moisture from the body, keeping you cool and comfortable and helping maintain a hygienic sleeping surface. 


Crucially, our mattresses can be designed to exactly your specifications – allowing us to provide the correct level of support whatever the length or width required. 

How can you get your bespoke mattress? 

Here at The Odd Company, it’s our mission to make sure you get the type of quality rest we all deserve and help boost your health, mood and outlook. Our mattresses improve the quality of your sleep thanks to the skill and craftsmanship which go into their manufacture, along with the careful choice of natural fillings and materials to maximise comfort, temperature control and hygiene. 


If you’re looking for a better night’s sleep, simply speak to one of our experts about our range of bespoke and standard sized mattresses. We’re always happy to help anyone in their quest to find peace, happiness and health through the power of sleep.