Fluffy Duck Down & Feather Duvet

Cloud-like comfort, breathable bliss
This luxurious duvet wraps you in warmth without weighing you down. The natural duck feather and down filling is naturally breathable, while the pure cotton cover lets your skin breathe for ultimate comfort all night long. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready for anything.


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  • 70% white duck feather and 30% soft duck down
  • 100% pure cotton casing – 233 Thread count
  • The baffle box design eliminates cold spots
  • NOMITE® and Downafresh® certified for allergy sufferers
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Certified Chemical free
  • Dense weave Cambric cotton casings are house dust mite and down proof

Care Guide
Give your duvet the TLC it deserves, and it’ll reward you with endless cozy nights. Keep those feathers feeling fresh with a yearly wash – or get savvy and do it when you swap your duvet.

🕊️ Fresh feathers : Down and feathers may have a natural odor at first. Unpack your duvet, let it bask in some fresh air, or go for a pre-use wash for an instant burst of freshness.

🌟 Machine magic : Machine wash at 40°C, but easy on the detergent – one-third of the usual amount will do the trick. After the wash, make sure it’s fully dried out – air dry or tumble dry on a low heat setting. (High heat is a no-no for our feathered friends.) If you’d rather let an expert do it then this natural down product can be dry cleaned. A top tip from us is to pop in a dryer ball or a tennis ball to enhance efficiency and help your duvet reclaim its original shape.

These pillows use only the finest quality, natural materials – 100% Cotton and 70% white duck feather and 30% soft duck down. There’s no synthetic fibers here. We prioritise transparency and traceability in our supply chain, collaborating with reliable partners to guarantee a clear understanding of the origins of our materials.

Crafted in Britain Individually handcrafted within the UK, our pillows eliminate carbon-intensive journeys. We exclusively utilise road transportation to deliver our products directly to you, steering well clear of air or sea travel to be as low impact as can be.


We offer nationwide delivery for all of our products.

As with all of our products, these are made to order so you can currently expecting to receive your bedding in 4 weeks.

Free delivery applies on orders over £75. For more information visit our delivery page

Why you’ll love this duvet?

Embrace hotel-quality luxury with our generously filled duvet, crafted with blissfully breathable natural materials. Soft, insulating duck feather and down keep you perfectly warm and comfortable, without feeling stuffy. The 233 thread count pure cotton shell adds a touch of softness and optimal breathability for a restful night’s sleep. Available in all sizes, from single to emperor, this duvet adapts to fit your needs.

Feel the weight of the cloud-like filling settle around you, providing warmth without restriction. Our natural duvets, made with the same love and care as our mattresses and beds, are chemical-free, diamond-shaped quilted, and available in two different tog ratings.

  • Free from harmful chemicals for safe and healthy sleep.
  • Diamond-shaped quilting for lasting shape and comfort.
  • Two tog ratings available to suit your climate and personal preference.
  • Silky-soft pure cotton case with piped and double-stitched edges for a touch of luxury.
  • Meticulous craftsmanship with a baffle box design that eliminates cold spots for even warmth distribution.

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Let’s talk togs

Duvet togs measure the thermal insulation of bedding, indicating its ability to trap and retain heat. Your duvets tog plays a crucial role in ensuring your comfort throughout the year.

For the summer months, opt for natural fill duvets like feather or down, providing a fresh feel all night. A 4.5 tog duvet is ideal for spring, providing a lighter and more breathable option as temperatures begin to rise. It keeps you comfortably cool on those warmer nights. The lower tog rating ensures a refreshing sleep without compromising on comfort.

As winter sets in, opt for a higher tog to keep warm. A 9 tog duvet is ideal for winter, offering moderate warmth for cooler nights without being overly heavy. It provides a comfortable and cozy sleep experience as temperatures drop.

Choose the tog rating that suits the season and your personal preference for a perfect night’s rest.

High quality. Low impact.

We make a high quality product, but at what cost to the planet? At The Odd Company we’ve committed to making our mattresses and beds in the lowest impact way possible. Everything we make comes directly from our factory in Yorkshire. We source our materials from British suppliers who share our passion for quality over quantity. The materials we choose for our fillings and fabrics are natural or recycled, still fit for purpose but best for the planet and as low impact as it can be.

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