We’re all addicted to our smartphones and a new survey has found that we just can’t stop using them – even at bed time!

The under 25s are the age group the most likely to use their phone at an inappropriate time, with a third of men saying they check their phones regularly during a social occasion and people spend an average of 94 minutes using their phone on a night out. 90 percent of people wouldn’t think twice about answering their phone during a social occasion, despite the fact that they would have considered it unacceptable just five years ago.

Smartphones now part of our regular sleep routines

Men keep their phones near them for 17 out of every 24 hour period, with women slightly less addicted by only having theirs near them for 15 hours. 18 percent of men and 16 percent of women have admitted sleeping with their phone at arm’s reach and this can cause relationship problems.

13 percent of people are unhappy about how much time their partner spends on their phone and say that they spend more time texting, updating social media accounts or reading information on their phones instead of talking to them, and another 10 percent say they dread seeing a notification flash up on their partner’s phone!

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Featured Image Credit: iStockphoto.com / jes2ufoto (Via Custard Online Marketing)