Everyone around the world who has a mortgage or is renting their own home would wish for cheaper costs; well now you can get your own home for next to nothing. Well if you have a spare $200 you can buy yourself one.

We’re talking about the new homes that are being made by Derek Diedricksen. The carpenter who lives in Boston with his wife and children makes the tiny dwellings in his back yard and while they may have everything you need, apart from running water and an electricity supply, they’re rather small. His biggest creation is the Gypsy Junker at 24 square feet and the roof stands as high as 5ft 10inches. So you’d have to be rather small to be able to comfortably stand in one.

They come complete with sleeping areas and a number of other things like a heater and with an exterior vent which was made from the base of an old frying pan. The thing about these houses is that they’re all made from old household products which makes them extremely ‘environmentally friendly’.

A lack of bed space can affect your sleep habits

The one thing you shouldn’t expect to have in one of these if you buy one is a double bed as you’re lucky to even have a normal one in there. This may be a reason that a number of people will ultimately stay away from things like this; a lack of bed space.

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Featured Image Credit: iStockphoto.com / RomoloTavani (Via Custard Online Marketing)