A considerable number of people will end up not sleeping at home after the work Christmas party according to new research.

Accommodation website LateRooms has done a survey and found that although many people will go home to their own comfortable bed and bespoke mattress, others fill choose to stay out rather than face a drunken journey home on public transport or in a taxi.

Bed swapping at Christmas

23% of people will end up sleeping in a workmate’s bed, 16% said that they will kip in a toilet and 12% said they’ll sleep on a bus or train. Another 4% said that they’ll probably end up sleeping in the garden to avoid waking up their spouse or partner!

Lynda Matthews from LateRooms said: “”It seems as though the British workforce gets themselves into quite a conundrum when it comes to their Christmas party shenanigans.

“We hope that this year people learn from their mistakes and make sure they look at all possibilities before trying to struggle home.”

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Featured Image Credit: iStockphoto.com / monkeybusinessimages (Via Custard Online Marketing)