We all use our cars regularly whether it is a long journey or a short journey, they get used. Well, your seats may be about to become a lot more comfortable.

A car seat company in America has teamed up with a mattress company to produce a new kind of car seat. The new concept is to be called ComfortThin and it is a venture between the two companies, Johnson Controls and Harrison Spinks. They are looking to design a seat using pocketed coil spring mattress technology.

Car seats soon to feature pocket sprung mattress technology

There are a number of different kinds of mattresses out there that you can take springs from, even a luxury mattress if you were desperate. However, if you’re planning on trying to do something like this yourself then you may be better waiting for this new technology to come out.

If the companies are successful you can expect to see this kind of technology begin rolling out in cars from 2015. Not only will this improve the car’s interior, it will also help the environment by providing environmental benefits.

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Featured Image Credit: iStockphoto.com / greenp (Via Custard Online Marketing)