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Fully sprung mattresses hand crafted for you

Our bespoke, handmade mattresses are made especially to your size specification to ensure a perfect fit. Prices vary depending on the size and shape of mattress required, the number of springs, and type and quantity of natural fillings used.


We use an interior spring, otherwise known as an open coil spring, in our Beaumont and Hampton range of mattresses. These mattresses are suited to a spare or second bedroom, or for use by a child. Due to the way the spring system is constructed and the size of each spring, interior sprung mattresses cannot provide the same level of support and comfort as one of our more sophisticated pocket sprung mattresses.

The Beaumont

The Beaumont is designed as a lower cost option for spare rooms. Despite their lower price, the Beaumont is still a handmade sprung mattress with cotton fillings and upholstered in a traditional cotton ticking.

The Hampton

The Hampton offers more luxury than the Beaumont and is therefore better suited for a second bedroom or a child’s bed. The Hampton is a handmade mattress which uses a higher quality interior spring system than the Beaumont, contains much deeper cotton fillings and is upholstered in cotton ticking.

Width (Imperial/Metric) Beaumont Hampton
2’6” (75cm) £315 £385
3’0″ (90cm) £325 £395
3’6” (107cm) £375 £455
4’0” (120cm) £410 £530
4’6” (140cm) £470 £570
5’0″ (150cm) £535 £645
5’6” (168cm) £600 £710
6’0″ (180cm) £640 £770
6’6” (200cm) £690 £830
7’0″ (213cm) £730 £900
7’6” (228cm) £800 £980

(Information on how we calculate special sizes can be found at the bottom of this page)



A superb range of pocket sprung mattresses designed to correctly support your bodies natural posture, creating the environment for deep, restorative sleep. Our luxurious handmade pocket sprung mattresses contain individually wrapped pocketed steel springs, and are filled with naturally hypoallergenic and heat regulating natural fibres. As with all our mattresses, our pocket sprung range are upholstered in a cotton ticking.


Width (Imperial/Metric) Canterbury 1000 (cotton fillings) Windsor 1200 (cotton fillings) Richmond 1350
(deep cotton fillings, hand side stitching)
Blenheim 1500
(deep lambswool fillings, hand side stitching)
Westminster 2000
(lambswool, horsehair and cashmere fillings hand side stitching)
Kensington 3000
(lambswool, horsehair and cashmere fillings hand side stitching)
2’6” (75cm) £405 £475 £600 £780 £1,200 £1,500
3’0″ (90cm) £420 £500 £615 £800 £1,230 £1,530
3’6” (107cm) £500 £575 £715 £945 £1,430 £1,790
4’0” (120cm) £555 £665 £830 £1,000 £1,700 £2,000
4’6” (140cm) £610 £735 £910 £1,100 £1,850 £2,200
5’0″ (150cm) £690 £815 £1,080 £1,395 £2,150 £2,600
5’6” (168cm) £770 £990 £1,250 £1,570 £2,420 £3,025
6’0″ (180cm) £820 £1,075 £1,350 £1,750 £2,700 £3,300
6’6” (200cm) £875 £1,170 £1,460 £1,885 £2,980 £3,550
7’0″ (213cm) £945 £1,230 £1,650 £2,040 £3,190 £3,810
7’6” (228cm) £1,090 £1,300 £1,850 £2,250 £3,450 £4,100

(Information on how we calculate special sizes can be found at the bottom of this page)


Size Alterations

Our mattresses are available in a wide range of standard sizes, as displayed in the tables above, but you can specifically tailor the size to create a mattress that’s right for you.

Extra-wide or extra-narrow mattresses

Choose the next mattress size up (ie. if you want a bed that’s 4’8” wide, choose the 5’0″ option) and then add 10% to the price for the reduction in width.

Long or extra-long mattresses

Up to 6’9″ (206cm) long – add 20%

Up to 7’0″ (214cm) long – add 25%

Up to 7’6″ (230cm) long – add 30%

Up to 8’0″ (244cm) long – add 35%

Up to 9’0″ (300cm) long – add 45%

Mattress Standard Lengths

Up to 4’6″ (135cm) wide – 6’3″ (190cm) long
From 5’0″ (150cm) wide and upwards – 6’6″ (200cm) long

Additional Charges

You can also choose to make a range of other changes to your bespoke mattress to suit your individual needs.

Extra deep fillings – Add 35%.
Side stitching – Add £80.
Zip and link functionality – Add £65.
Cut out corners – Add £65 per corner.


We are able to deliver our handmade mattresses and bed bases to any UK address and to most European destinations, however please note that orders to some more remote areas may incur additional charges. Please contact us to discuss delivery charges to Europe.

Delivery charges for a mattress, bed base or divan beds:

Up to 3’5″ wide (104cm) £35
3’6″ to 5’5″ (107-165cm) £45
5’6″ to 7’6″ wide (168-230cm) £55


Delivery charges for mattresses and bed bases/divan beds:

Up to 3’5″ wide (104cm) £45
3’6″ to 5’5″ (107-165cm) £55
5’6″ to 7’6″ wide (168-230cm) £65

For insurance purposes, deliveries will be made to the ground floor door only.

For information on order timescales and our mattress removal and recycling service please see our delivery page.

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