If you ever get through the door of your house and find yourself sneezing and sniffling, you could be one of the 12million people in the UK who are thought to be allergic to their own home.

Research from Allergy UK for Indoor Allergy Week has found that a considerable number of us are suffering from the so called “home fever” caused by dust mites, pet allergies, mould and sensitivity to cleaning chemicals. Many people mistake the symptoms as those of the common cold, so don’t treat the problem according to the organisation.

Fight allergies in the bedroom with a new mattress

59% of allergy sufferers questioned said that their allergies are much worse in the bedroom, and this is because the average bed is home to 2 million house dust mites.

The charity recommends taking steps in the bedroom to cut the number of allergens in the environment. This includes using allergy proof mattress covers, replacing pillows every year and washing bedding every week at 60 °C or higher to get rid of dust mites. 58% of people wash their bedding at 30 – 40 °C which does not properly remove the dust mites.

It is also recommended that you invest in a new luxury mattress every 8 – 10 years. 13% of people have had their current mattress for at least, with 3% of people admitting to owning the same mattress for 20 years.

Purchasing a new soft mattress will not only help you fight allergies in the bedroom, but will also help you sleep better and help reduce back pain, so contact the team at Odd Mattress today to find out about getting your new mattress to help improve your health.

Featured Image Credit: iStockphoto.com / Paul Bradbury (Via Custard Online Marketing)