We all have our own sleeping ritual. Some of us like to finish off a malt drink before bedtime, whereas others enjoy the soothing effects of a nightcap.

Strangely, some people require the not-so-calming qualities of electrical appliances to send them into slumber (Wayne Rooney and his hoover spring to mind).

But did you know the way in which you sleep and the position shows the kind of person you are?

A recent study, compiled by body language expert, Robert Phipps, examines the three most common sleeping positions, and discovered that they are a reflection of the sleeper’s personality traits.

3 common sleep positions

The Foetal position

One of the most common positions. People who sleep in this position are returning to their comfort zone to deal with the stresses they had endured through the day.

The study also showed that foetal sleepers like to have things in place and stick to a routine, however, they should look to get out of their comfort zone and try new things.

The Log

This is when the body is fully extended, including the head and neck.

‘Loggers’ as they are known, are usually stubborn, often bossy characters that like to do things in their own personal way.

It is thought that ‘loggers’ stretch out to reach their goals and aspirations, however, they should look to relax more and become more fun and exciting.

The Yearner

This is when the sleeper has both arms outstretched.

It can mean one of two things, either the ‘Yearner’ is chasing, or being chased.

These types of sleepers wake up each morning seeking new challenges and want to expand their knowledge.

They should look at what they want to gain from each day and not be scared to chase their hopes and dreams.

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Featured Image Credit: iStockphoto.com / Geber86 (Via Custard Online Marketing)