When you’re child is playing up and won’t sleep properly during the night it can often impact on your sleep as parents. Getting your child to sleep all through the night is one of the biggest challenges you may face as a parent, as coping with a lack of sleep and a tired baby is never going to be easy!

Whilst babies are learning and growing their sleep pattern will be affected as their sleeping is mixed up from sleeping during the day, and many babies also wake up frequently as they need to be fed during the night. Newborn babies may also wake up if they feel lonely and uncomfortable when they are sleeping.

So how can you help your baby to get a good night’s sleep?

In the daytime, it is best if you keep your baby busy, active and surrounded by the hustle and bustle outside or within your home. Even if the baby is sleeping you should not need to tell family members to keep quiet as the noise will encourage them to stay awake and not sleep deeply during the day.

Limiting daytime naps is a great way to improve their sleep during the night. Keep your child occupied by singing songs, bouncing them in your arms or show them interesting toys that will help to keep them awake for longer periods of time. This will help them to feel more tired during the evening, which will be a big help to you!

At night time you should ensure that you develop a routine with your child by giving them a warm bath, bedtime story and their last bottle of the day. If you keep the routine your child is likely to notice a pattern and will help them to know it is the right time to settle down.

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