Here at The Odd Company, we know that each and every one of our clients wants to make the most out of their new Odd mattress. So once you’ve found that mattress which gives you a perfect night’s sleep, leaving you recharged and ready for the day ahead it’s important to engage in some simple mattress upkeep. 

We wanted to share with you our top tips and tricks on caring for your new mattress, so it continues to provide you with many nights of restful sleep for the entirety of its natural life. Read on for our guide about how to get the most value out of your made-to-measure mattress:


Turning Your Mattress:

One of the most important things in your made-to-measure mattress care plan is creating a turning routine and trying to stick to it. Never thought of turning your mattress? Don’t worry – Odd is here to help.  

Turning your mattress is important to ensure the even settlement of the natural fillings and allow for all parts of the mattress to receive the same amount of use. If your mattress isn’t turned, one area will receive continuous and concentrated wear – which in time will lead to the development of dips and sags in the mattress surface.

Mattress turning and rotating is, however, as simple as it sounds. You should alternate between turning your mattress over from side to side, and rotating your mattress from head to toe. During the first three months of using your mattress, your new mattress should be turned and then rotated every second week, as the natural fibre fillings will be tightly interwoven. We would then recommend you turn your mattress at least once a season with more frequent turning and rotating being encouraged. 

Rotating your bespoke mattress frequently extends your mattress’s life and ensures the sleeping surface of your mattress remains comfortable and supportive making it one of the most important ways to get the most value out of your bespoke made-to-measure mattress.


Check Your Bed Base:

Many of our clients are understandably excited at the prospect of their new handmade Odd mattress. However if you are intending to use your bespoke mattress with an antique or aged bed base, we would advise discussing the condition of the base with us during the order process. 

Though we understand that there is often a sentimentality attached to antique furniture, it’s important to make sure you’re giving your new mattress the best chance to live out its natural life with you. This starts by ensuring that the base you use with your mattress provides a suitable, supportive surface- a factor which is key to making your mattress perform as designed.

If your bed base is an antique – now is the time to consider replacing it. No matter how much we might love our antique furniture, if the bed base is original and has been well-used, it will no longer provide a supportive surface to complement the spring system found within your new mattress and could damage your mattress over time. For instance, the spring system of a traditional sprung base made in the nineteen-twenties will have worn out after a century, and no longer support your mattress in the way it was designed to.  In such instances it’s going to be beneficial to you (and your mattress) to look into a new base!

At The Odd Company, our handmade bed bases are of the highest quality, offering durability and support. Constructed from the finest FSC-approved timber, there is no better structure on which to place your Odd mattress than one of our sprung and firm top bed bases.

It should be noted that when your mattress is being placed on a slatted bed it is crucial to check the distance between each slat. Each slat should be spaced no greater than a thumb width apart. Failure to space out slats correctly can mean your mattresses’ springs are suspended unsupported, which can damage the spring system and will intime have a detrimental impact on the quality of sleep the mattress can provide. 


Protecting Your Mattress: 

The easiest way to protect your bespoke mattress and help guarantee its longevity is by using a cotton mattress protector. Without a protector, your mattress is absorbing daily dust, dirt and debris – not to mention perspiration, which over time breaks down the natural fillings and mattresses upholstery. It’s important that you use a good-quality mattress protector which should be washed regularly. 

Another way to protect your made-to-measure mattress is the process of mattress airing. After rising in the morning, contrary to what your parents may have told you, don’t immediately make the bed! Instead, pull back your covers to allow the mattress to breathe and air to circulate through the mattress. This simple act allows any perspiration to evaporate which helps maintain a hygienic top surface to your mattress. 

It’s important to note that cleaning your mattress shouldn’t be undertaken with anything other than a brush, once a month. Hoovering in particular can cause irreparable damage to the internal fillings and should never be attempted. Additionally fully sprung mattresses should also never be rolled, bent, or jumped upon as these actions will damage the internal spring system reducing the usable life of your mattress considerably.


With these tips on how to get the most value out of your bespoke mattress, you will be able to enjoy your Odd mattress for all of its natural lifespan. For more details about your made-to-measure mattress, mattress care or any further information about our mattress range, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.