Mattresses are funny things. Before you switch off, bear with us:  what other item of furniture do you use every day for between 6-8 hours and yet are unable to wash? Even the most dedicated Netflix aficionado, surely, would struggle to stay on a sofa for such an extended period of time – leaving our bed as the most-loved piece of furniture in the house.

So, how do you care for your Odd Mattress? Cleaning a mattress, or taking care of it in other ways, is relatively simple and straightforward and can help to ensure your mattress continues to provide a comfortable nights sleep for many years, although we do recommend that you consider replacing it, regardless of how thoroughly its been cared for, every ten years. Through a combination of mattress care, mattress cleaning and general good sense, your Odd mattress should go the distance. Learn more in our mattress care guide below!


Hands-On Mattress Care

You may be thinking ‘You can’t clean a mattress!’ and please of course do not attempt to fit it in the washing machine.  You can however care for and clean your mattress in order to maintain and protect it – read on to learn more.

1. Turning Your Mattress

One of the key aspects of caring for your Odd mattress is turning and rotating it regularly. It’s important to start by initially turning the mattress so the sleeping surface becomes the bottom surface (‘flipping’ your mattress). After two weeks, the mattress should then be rotated which means your ‘head’ end should now be at the end of the bed, and vice versa! For the first three months following the delivery of your mattress, you should aim to repeat this process every two weeks! After the initial three months have passed mattresses should still be turned (flipped) and rotated as regularly as possible and no less than once every season.

Mattress turning is essential in the first 12 weeks of use, as it aids with the ‘bedding in’ of the mattress’s natural fillings, and allows your mattress to settle and the fillings and upholstery to relax evenly. 


2.  Give That Mattress Airtime!

Another way in which you can look after your mattress is by airing your mattress; which simply refers to the process of pulling duvets and pillows back allowing the bed to ‘air’. This is hugely important because it takes care of and improves the hygiene of your mattress. By regularly airing the bed in this simple way you help prevent perspiration and other unwelcome moisture from being retained within the mattress’s upholstery fibres and fillings. 

Airing is a really simple process and way to look after your mattress. Simply pull back the duvet and the pillows (it’s not necessary to remove the top sheet or mattress protector!) for around twenty minutes each day, which allows air to permeate and circulate through the fillings. This allows any perspiration to evaporate into the air leaving your mattress refreshed, and ready to support you through another night’s rest. 


3. Cleaning Your Mattress

Of course, there may still be times in which you need to physically clean your mattress! If you’ve ever accidentally spilled a mug of tea all over your Odd mattress – don’t panic: this is the section for you. 

If you do need to clean your Odd mattress directly, it’s a simple and quick process. If it’s a spill, quickly remove liquid from your mattress to stop stains from developing and liquid being absorbed by the mattresses fillings. If you spill water on your mattress, you can simply use an absorbent fabric like a tea towel or towel to soak up as much water as possible as quickly as you can. 

For stubborn potential stains such as coffee, orange juice or wine, just use a towel with a little water to soak up the surface of the mattress before applying dedicated upholstery shampoo. For serious stains, use upholstery shampoo and a sponge. Take care not to use too much water or shampoo however as this will quickly be absorbed by the natural fillings inside your mattress, and could therefore take several days to fully dry (and you’ll be kipping on the sofa while it does…). 

Tips And Tricks For Mattress Care

So, we’ve covered how your ‘hands-on’ mattress care can impact your mattress use. But what else can you do to protect- and extend the life of – your mattress? Do you need a mattress protector, or is it just hype? Let’s dive into a few ways in which you can make sure your mattress lasts for the long-haul. 


1. Mattress Protectors

Here at Odd, it’s our number one tip for extending and prolonging mattress life: using a mattress protector! Whether a vinyl or quilted mattress protector, this addition to your bed is extremely important in order to maintain a hygienic sleeping environment and extend the life of your mattress. 

A mattress protector should always be used beneath a top sheet (we mean it!) to prevent perspiration and oils from entering the mattress and being absorbed by the fillings. These natural secretions, which leave the body while we sleep, can break down the fibres and fillings within the mattress – and can result in your mattress needing to be replaced sooner than would normally be necessary. 

Of course, your mattress protector can be easily removed and washed along with the rest of your bedding; thereby helping to preserve the condition of your luxury mattress for longer. To browse our range of mattress protectors and help keep your mattress healthy, click here


2. Don’t Bend Or Jump On Your Mattress

Although for most of us this urge has passed (or not; we don’t judge), jumping on the bed is one of the fastest ways to speed up your mattress’ demise. Bending, rolling or attempting to fit the mattress in a small space by some other means, however, are just as bad for your bed – and perhaps a little more familiar to those of us without young children! 

Any method by which your Odd mattress is bent or rolled can cause irreparable damage to the internal spring system of the mattress. This is important to remember when transporting the mattress – which is when many of us commit the cardinal sin of ‘fitting round doorways’ and so on – so make sure when storing or moving that the mattress is kept as straight as possible, and not bent or rolled.

One way to avoid these issues, particularly if you live in a property with winding staircases, low door-frames or low ceilings, is to have your mattress made zip-to-link: this bespoke mattress can simply be zipped together and apart as needed, which makes it ideal for homes with tight staircases and low doorframes. 


3. Do You Need A New Bed Base?

The other fast way to sap your mattress’ life – without intending to – is to use a new Odd mattress on an old bed base. Here at Odd, we can’t tell you how many clients have come to us for a new mattress, having sped up the demise of their previous mattress by placing it on an old bed base – and here’s why: 

Using a new mattress on an old, unsupportive bed base is a sure-fire way to significantly reduce the life of your new made-to-measure mattress. Your bespoke mattress is designed to mould itself to your body when you’re lying on top of it. So, as you might imagine, if your brand-new mattress is placed on an unsupportive surface, or lumpy surface it will mould in exactly the same way! A mattress placed on top of unstable or unsupportive bed base or divan will cause the rapid deterioration of the interior spring system, meaning the mattress may need to be replaced far sooner than would otherwise be the case.

To avoid your bespoke mattress moulding itself to a weakened or distorted bed base or divan, place your new mattress on a new bed base from The Odd Company. We offer bespoke bed bases and divans to suit whatever shape, size and depth you require; and all our wood is FSC certified. 


Take Care of your Mattress, The Odd Way

Taking care of your mattress is a simple way to make the most out of your new bed. If you’d like to speak to a member of our expert team about how to make the most of your bespoke mattress, or whether you’d like to chat through your requirements for a new made-to-measure mattress, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be only too happy to help you.