When considering a new mattress for use at home, achieving the luxury of a hotel mattress is something that many people consider to be beyond their reach. In fact, there are several ways in which manufacturers can achieve the luxury of a hotel mattress when creating a bespoke mattress for an individual’s own home. The Odd Mattress Company has been hand-crafting hotel mattresses for decades, with our Babington mattress being the mattress of choice for all hotel partners. 

There are several steps involved in the production of a luxury hotel mattress, which The Odd Mattress Company is able to replicate when making beds for its private customers. If you’re still dreaming of that perfect hotel bed where you had the best sleep of your life, finally bring that experience home with a luxury mattress made from The Odd Mattress Company. 

Creating a luxurious mattress fit for world-renowned hotels takes careful and precise craftsmanship. From the use of natural fillings which are the last word in hotel comfort, to the meticulous process of side-stitching by hand, there are several steps taken at The Odd Mattress Company to ensure that the mattresses that reside in some of the UK finest hotels are always the height of luxury. 


Though it may seem obvious, a key aspect which differentiates luxury mattresses from a standard mattress is the quality of the fillings used. The Odd Mattress Company specialises in fully sprung, handmade, high-quality mattresses. We use four types of natural fillings; cotton, lamb’s wool, horsehair and cashmere, each of which has its own unique supportive and heat regulating properties to guarantee luxurious comfort.. These fillings also have hypoallergenic qualities which can provide relief for those intolerant to synthetic materials. Natural fillings form the uppermost layer of the mattress, and are carefully selected by our clients dependent on their ideal sensation and support. 

In addition, these interior materials work in conjunction with the mattresses spring system to provide impeccable levels of support like those you might find in your hotel suite. The quality of each spring is second-to-none, and each of our pocket sprung mattresses is hand side-stitched.


Hand side-stitching refers to the process by which the side panel of the mattress is attached to the pocket springs to create a more supportive mattress edge. This labour intensive process sees a 12 -inch needle sewn through the side of the mattress, through and around the outside spring, and then back out through the mattresses side panel. This process can be repeated to create two, three, or four rows of side stitching. The hotel mattresses made by The Odd Mattress Company are always side-stitched by hand. The supportive edge created by hand side stitching is important in a hotel, as guests tend sit on the side of the bed more frequently than they would at home. The mattress edge must therefore provide support and not dip under their seated weight. 

How can I try out a luxury hotel mattress? 

There are several stages involved in the creation of a luxury mattress. Side-stitching, fully-sprung interiors, and natural fillings, upholstered in a 100% cotton cover, all provide that impossibly soft feel with optimal levels of support. In addition, testing a mattress overnight in a hotel is a perfect way to try it out: far more indicative of its support and feel than lying horizontal for a few moments in a showroom!

Indeed, many of The Odd Company’s clients have found the company through a restful night’s sleep on an Odd Mattress bed, after a stay with one of our hotel partners. Why not try it out for yourself, and see how a luxurious hotel mattress can truly benefit the quality of your sleep? 

Should you wish to have a mattress created which replicates the luxury of a hotel mattress, The Odd Mattress Company are here to help. Simply speak to a member of our team to arrange a consultation about the specifications, dimensions and materials you require in order to achieve the comfort and relaxation of a hotel mattress. 


In addition, should you wish to have a bespoke hotel-style mattress created for your own home, you may require bespoke bedding to fit. The Odd Mattress Company is now able to provide tailor-made bedding in the size, shape and depth of your choice. Offering hotel-standard bedding of 200 thread-count and 400 thread-count 100% Egyptian cotton, The Odd Mattress Company can provide you with the comfort of a hotel mattress topped with the decadence of hotel bedding. 

To speak to a member of our friendly team about how you can achieve the luxury of a hotel mattress, simply get in touch with us today.