From health issues to not having the correct sleeping environment, there are a number of reasons as to why you aren’t getting enough sleep at night.

Insomniacs and sufferers from various sleep disorders have been turning to hypnotherapy techniques to help them drift off in the evening, and to make their time spent in bed feel more restful. But how can you use these yourself to help you get a great sleep?

We share how self-hypnosis and general hypnotherapy can help you, and the techniques that you can use in the comfort of your own home:

hypnotherapy and sleep

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy can provide you with a way to cope with stressful situations and allow you to alter a number of things in your life. From curing a phobia to helping you lose weight; hypnotherapy can help.

A specialist hypnotherapist can help you to practice the methods in which hypnotherapy requires, or you can practice in the comfort of your own home to prepare yourself for a good nights’ sleep.

How Can Hypnosis Help Me Sleep?

If you’re waking up multiple times throughout the night – or are struggling to initially get to sleep – you may want to consider hypnotic techniques as they can provide you with the following benefits:

It Calms and Relaxes the Body

One of the main reasons why people (especially insomniacs) struggle to fall asleep is because their mind and body is still on alert mode. This means that all of the normal day-to-day functions of your body signal your mind to be on high alert, and may be the cause as to your lack of quality sleep.

Using hypnotherapy techniques encourages your mind and body to relax into a peaceful state. Along with reducing anxiety to help you fall asleep, it can also help to improve your overall mood throughout the day and make you feel much happier.

It Can Alter Your View on Sleeping

It’s not uncommon for people to view sleeping as a ‘waste of time’. It can also be seen as a gruelling and sad routine if you aren’t a lover of bed time and dwell on it signalling the end of the day.

hypnotherapy and sleep

Hypnotherapy is able to transform a negative view of sleep into a positive perception. Not only will this help you to drift off quicker, but you’ll also be able to look forward to jumping into bed every day!

It Can Identify Stress in Your Daily Life

One of the first steps in beginning hypnotherapy to aid with sleeping is to identify why you aren’t getting the rest you need, and learning how to change it. Moving house, a busy family life and other stressful life events can contribute to heightened stress, and may be the reason as to why your body isn’t relaxing.

Once you’ve identified what’s making you feel stressed, hypnotherapy can then aid with the management of the situation and make your daily life feel less panicked, which in turn will help ensure a good night’s sleep.

Along with hypnotherapy, there are a number of different techniques that can help to improve your sleep. Altering your sleeping position and bedroom environment can also help, so using a trial and error method to improve the quality of your rest is the optimum way to secure a fantastic sleep.

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