As we know well at The Odd Company, finding a new mattress can be pure joy. Whether it represents a new home, is part of a fresh remodel of a bedroom or is simply getting rid of that old mattress that has come to the end of its natural life, a supportive new mattress marks a new beginning: of good quality sleep and a new, well-rested you!

Often purchasing a new mattress can present a problem – how to dispose of your existing mattress. It can seem as though there is no good way of getting rid of your old mattress. The common solution of having your mattress collected by your local council, or taking it to the tip, will often mean it will join the 6.5 million mattresses sent to landfill each year in the UK. In today’s increasingly eco-conscious climate, many of us no longer feel comfortable with the thought of further contributing to the millions of tonnes of waste that end of up in landfill each year. Of course, this is particularly true when it comes to something as unwieldy and long-lasting as a mattress – so it’s no surprise that people have started looking into ways to recycle or donate their old mattress. 

Here at The Odd Company, sustainability is key to our ethos. That’s why we wanted to outline several available options for our clients who wish to donate or find a more sustainable way to dispose of their old mattress – including our new mattress recycling scheme. 

Donating Your Old Mattress 

The first of these methods of diverting your mattress from landfill is fairly simple – donating it. If your mattress is in a usable condition, and free from tears, rips or any other damage which means it can no longer be used, donating your mattress is a great way to recycle it. There are several charity shops which accept gently used mattresses for resale to their customers.

The British Heart Foundation, the Red Cross and the Salvation Army are just a few of the UK’s most common charity shops which accept donations of mattresses in a suitable condition. In addition, if you live within a certain radius of one of their shops, they can offer collection of the mattress free of charge. To find out more about which charities accept donations of mattresses, simply visit the website of your local charity shop to learn more.

Selling Your Old Mattress 

The second option for recycling your mattress is a profitable one! If your mattress is relatively new and in a good condition, you may be able to sell it secondhand. Of course, many people wish to upgrade their mattress before their old one is exhausted – and if this sounds like you, a sale is a great way to ensure your mattress is used for the full duration of its life.
Gumtree and E-Bay are two secondhand sites perfect for selling preloved goods – simply list your mattress for sale, set your price, and wait for the offers to come rolling in.

Disposing Of Your Old Mattress

Of course, for plenty of people, their new mattress is replacing one which has reached the end of its natural life. We would recommend replacing your mattress on account of hygiene every eight to ten years. We all perspire while we sleep which can lead to the build up of bacteria within the mattress, with the salts found in our sweat over time damaging the mattresses upholstery and fillings. If you’re replacing a mattress which is no longer able to be used, the question of disposing of it sustainably may come to mind. 

For plenty of people, the most common way of disposing of an old mattress is to take it to their local waste centre. This brings a whole host of complexities – will the mattress fit in your car, and if not will you therefore need to hire a van?. Alternatively, many people choose to have their mattress collected by their local council. With this option, you still have the hassle of manoeuvring the mattress out of your house. You will also be at the behest of the council’s timescale, which could mean waiting days, weeks or months for the removal. Crucially, however, both of these options will likely lead to your mattress going directly to landfill – a difficult reality, in a time when many of us are trying to live more sustainably. 

When faced with these issues The Odd Company decided there must be a better way. We spent months researching alternative options which would provide a convenient and sustainable solution for our customers, meaning that for every new mattress purchased from The Odd Company, your old mattress could be removed and then recycled the very same day – a real win-win (and perfect for the planet, too). 

Mattress Recycling, the Odd Way

Despite the fact that mattresses are 100% recyclable, only 17% of mattresses disposed of in the UK each year are recycled. We have recently partnered with a company at the forefront of sustainability who have developed a system of recycling which will divert 100% of all mattresses from landfill. 

Each part of the mattress is separated and sanitised in a careful and labour-intensive process. The mattress’ fillings and upholstery are cut from the mattress by hand and the spring system is then placed through a machine which separates the fabric pockets which surround each pocket spring from the steel wire which it encases. The soft fillings are washed, baled and go on to be used in a huge variety of products form carpet underlay to the stab vests used by police officers. The springs of a mattress are cut up, baled and sold on as scrap metal to be melted down and reused.  

With a staggering 19 separate components making up a mattress, all of which can be reused, recycling your mattress with The Odd Company helps facilitate a circular economy – helping your old mattress to live on in a new way.

At The Odd Company, we can remove your old mattress for recycling at the same time as we deliver your new one. For just £50, our teams can remove either your old mattress, old divan or bed base to be recycled, or for £75 both unneeded items for example a mattress and divan base can be removed at the point of delivery for recycling.

Be a part of a sustainable journey and recycle your old mattress, when you buy a new mattress from The Odd Company. To find out more about our mattress recycling, or any other aspect of our mattresses, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert team who’ll be more than happy to help.