Architects and interior designers say that our homes are becoming smaller and people are buying bigger furniture which gives us even less floor space.

Many homeowners are now willing to sacrifice on space to get bigger beds, and king-size bed beds are now outselling double beds for the first time.

Many homeowners now opt for large beds and luxury mattresses

Interior designers believe that it is because people want to recreate the opulence of luxury hotel suites in their own home with large beds and luxury mattresses coupled with the desire for total relaxation due to busy lives.

Caitlin Price, the bed Buyer at John Lewis, said: “It is certainly true that some pieces of essential furniture are getting larger, and beds are the best example of this.

“A decade or two ago, beds larger than a standard double (4′ 6” wide, by 6′ 3” long) were rare, whereas nowadays king-size (5′ wide, 6′ 6” long) and super king-size (6′ wide, 6′ 6” long) are far more common because society is putting a far greater emphasis on getting a good night’s sleep.”

At the Odd Mattress Company we have a wide range of luxury mattresses in a variety of sizes including single, double, king and super-king sizes so you can get a top of the range luxury mattress, no matter what size your bed is.

Many people now also have custom made beds and it can be a struggle to find mattresses which fit their bed frame or base, and at the Odd Mattress Company we can create a bespoke mattress for your bed, no matter what size it is, with our special extra width or length beds which can be created for you to your exact measurements.

Featured Image Credit: / IP Galanternik D.U. (Via Custard Online Marketing)