It probably comes as no surprise to say that over the past year, we’ve all become a little tired of our own homes… With ‘work from home’ and ‘stay at home’ directives issued as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more of us have found our homes become multi-functional spaces – working at kitchen tables, in living rooms or even perched on the end of our beds in a bid to find that perfect ‘home office’ space everyone was talking about! 

As a result, the nation has seen an uptick in spending on and searches for ways to redecorate our houses, as people across the UK look for ways to renovate, redecorate or otherwise transform our spaces. We’re here to help – which is why we’ve put together this guide on clever bedroom storage, from The Odd Company. With our handy bedroom storage guide, transform your home space and find bedroom style inspiration – even in the unlikeliest of places! 

Transforming Your Bedroom 

Here at Odd, we’re in the business of interior bedroom design. Our made-to-measure beds and handmade bespoke headboards are always crafted to be beautiful as well as functional, with options for our clients to select their chosen fabrics, fillings, styles and more. However, we know that when it comes to bedroom storage, your options can be a little more limited. 

Looking for bedroom storage that isn’t only functional can be difficult. After all, we’ve all hastily bundled items into plastic storage containers and shoved them under our beds (or perhaps even into cupboards that we pray we never have to open again..). This might get your stuff “out of the way” but isn’t exactly a minimalist approach. It usually means the boxes stay closed until you need something, at which point rummaging through typically creates more mess in the long-term! 

It also risks looking –  well – disorganised! If you’re one of many of us who’s looking for a little more space or a more aesthetically-pleasing bedroom, the old ‘shove it in a box’ trick falls short. Whether you’re looking for clothes storage, a place to keep sports equipment or simply another cupboard, the last thing we want is more clutter. So what can you do to store your stuff more simply, efficiently, and stylishly? 


Clever Bedroom Storage Inspiration

At Odd, we think the trick to clever bedroom storage is to make sure each piece of furniture helps maintain an clean, clutter free aesthetic. Hidden bedroom storage, for instance, means no more piles of storage boxes that fill up doorways or sit on top of wardrobes, and no more drawers full of things you don’t have any use for but just can’t bear to throw out (yes, we’re looking at you). Instead, by keeping storage clean and clutter-free, enjoy a fresher approach to organisation (and a better looking bedroom, too!).

Here are our experts’ top tips for bedroom storage inspiration:


Ladder Shelving

Scale up your bedside table with a cute and quirky ladder shelving unit! These clever bedroom pieces allow for double, triple, or even quadruple the surface storage space, as each step of these pretty ladder-style shelving units can be used to hold trinkets, ornaments and photos –  keeping windowsills and floors clutter-free. 

Ottoman Bed Bases

Ottoman bed bases are another simple and easy way to store winter coats or your summer wardrobe  out of sight without having to have a mass clothes cull! Ottoman bed bases like the ones we make are fully timber lined, incredibly robust and cavernous inside, meaning they can double up as another cupboard or wardrobe. Simply lift the lid of your ottoman base to enjoy its maximum storage capacity  – Handmade to whatever specifications and dimensions you need, your bespoke bed base can be created to practically any size or shape – meaning no storage challenge is too demanding for a bed base solution. 

Drawer Divans 

Drawer divans offer another clever way to hide your bedroom storage without having to build that walk-in wardrobe (although if you have the option, why not…!). Drawer divans are another bed base option, similar to ottoman storage, but that allow the space to be channelled into one, two (or more) pull-out drawers. Rather than ottoman storage, which relies on raising the ‘lid’ of the bed base, drawer divans allow you to simply open the drawer. Convenient, easy and clutter-free – drawer divans can take the hassle out of bedroom storage. 

Trundle Beds 

Finally, we couldn’t let a piece on ‘smart bedroom storage’ pass without mentioning trundle beds! These clever bits of kit encompass two beds in one: a single bed from Odd can be made with a ‘trundle’ bed below, stored beneath for guests. Popular for those who often have friends and family as overnight guests as well as an ideal way to sort out clever bedroom storage for children, trundle beds can make a great space-saver (and protect you from last-minute hunting for sheets, duvets, pillows in the dreaded airing cupboard or linen closet!). 

Bedroom Storage Options From The Odd Company 

If you’d like to know more about our bedroom storage options from the Odd Company, including our range of ottoman storage bed bases, drawer divans, trundle beds and bespoke or made-to-measure mattresses, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of our experts will help you to put the ‘smart’ in your storage!