Being a new parent is very exhausting and you may be wondering if you will ever get a good night’s sleep again. Although caring for your newborn child may seem like a round-the-clock adventure, you can feel happy that their sleeping pattern will improve with age.

Here are some suggestions to help new parents get to sleep:

Sleep when you get the chance:

If you are feeling like you never get a moment for a quick power nap, make sure you try and get a quick sleep when your baby sleeps. When your baby is sleeping it is likely to be the only time you may get to have a quick rest, so make sure you keep the baby monitor on at all times in case your child wakes up!

Ask friends and family to help:

As being a parent can be such tiring work, you may wish to ask your friends and family for some support as you get some well-deserved rest. Asking someone to babysit for you every few weeks will give you the time to recuperate and feel refreshed again. Why not ask your child’s grandparents if they will look after your child one Friday or Saturday a month so you can get some ‘alone time’ to either go for a meal, or get some sleep!

Don’t share a bed with your child:

Try not to share beds with your child as they go off to sleep as this can make them too familiar with your company, and will make it harder for them to sleep alone when they are younger. If they need to be comforted or nursed during the night, make sure they are placed back into their cot before you go to sleep.

Watching and waiting:

If your child cries in the middle of the night, peer in to the room and see if they react as your child may just be whimpering before they settle and sleep through the night. However, if they seem to be hungry or uncomfortable in the night, make sure you check and settle them down again.

Improve your mattress:

Perhaps it is your bedding or mattress that is making you have a poor night sleep? Changing your mattress or bed frame could change your sleeping pattern entirely and help you to sleep for longer each and every night.

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