Here at Odd, we’re always looking for ways to inspire fresh and exciting bedroom design ideas. Whether it’s through culture, films or the natural world, putting together a bedroom needs inspiration to guide you through the design process. As experts in anything bed, with our bespoke beds or tailor-made headboards, we’re always in favour of our clients taking the road less travelled when it comes to bedroom decor – and for that, we often find inspiration in unlikely places. 

To inspire your bedroom design ideas, our team brought together their top five iconic film bedrooms – and highlighted  how you can get the look with the help of our bespoke bed shapes, designs, and headboards! Our design tips spring from some of film’s best-known boudoirs, from Frenchy’s pink palace in the 1978 high-school classic Grease to Satine’s opulent den of romance, in the timeless musical Moulin Rouge – with a few style signatures you’re sure to recognise. Let’s get stuck in…


Frenchy’s Bedroom Design in Grease

Iconic the moment it sprang onto screens, the bedroom of beauty school drop-out Frenchy truly has to be seen to be believed. The scene of the infamous sleepover and site of Rizzo’s catty hit song ‘Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee’, Frenchy’s bedroom revealed just how committed the Pink Ladies were to their signature look.




Though admittedly not to everybody’s taste, Frenchy’s plush pink paradise was as peachy as her hair: boasting pink-and-white wallpapered walls, lush hot pink satin sheets and even – naturally – a classic 70’s hair dryer (pink, of course). We realise times have moved on (and even we won’t persuade you into a revival of the decade’s decor) but modern bedroom design can learn a lot from Frenchy’s rosy room. 


Get the Rosy Bedroom Look


Here’s what our Odd experts say about making a modern Frenchy bedroom design come to life.Start with shades of colour coordination between the bed, curtains, and walls as it gives the bedroom plenty of accent colours to draw the eye. Then move on to the bed, a bespoke oak headboard-slash – shelf is both a practical and beautiful feature! Here at Odd, we love a bespoke headboard, and can create one to practically any size and shape. 


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The Tiny Bedroom in Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone 

Probably the most famous bedroom in modern pop culture! Harry Potter’s notorious little space under the stairs made a generation of children look at their bedrooms in a whole new light. The cramped conditions in Harry’s cupboard chamber became almost as well-known as the wizard himself, with even his acceptance into magical school Hogwards arriving addressed to ‘The Cupboard Under The Stairs’. 


Of course, we’re not suggesting you turf out your vacuum cleaner and pairs of old shoes to camp under your own stairs (and wake up with a neck-ache) – but we can learn a lesson from this innovative bedroom set-up. 

Make the Most of Tiny Bedroom Space

Harry’s own mattress fits into the unlikeliest of spaces, offering a cosy  – if compact – place to sleep. With a bespoke mattress, you can design your own bed to fit into practically any space that works: Odd mattresses can suit L- shaped rooms, ‘box’ rooms and even yacht cabins to ensure that no matter how unusual the space, you’ll always have a comfortable night’s rest. With Odd’s bespoke mattress option, you’ll have the opportunity to select your choice of mattress shape, interior spring system and even the soft comfort layer – choosing from curled horsehair, lambswool, cashmere and cotton for the perfect slumber (even in the tightest of spots!). 



Amélie, or Le Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain: Quirky Bedroom Design

Now to a bedroom that’s a little more refined than a cupboard: Amélie burst onto screens in 2001 and instantly charmed audiences worldwide. Deep crimson walls, a wrought-iron bed frame and quirky animal portraits add a little more whimsy into an already-magical Paris – whilst their owner embarks on a journey of fantasy and adventure. 



Recreate The Famous Parisian Bedroom

Warm red wallpaper or crimson paint is the first step to emulating this beautiful Parisian pad, and the additions of a few whimsical animal prints don’t hurt! Mismatched frames offer a truly bohemian-chic look – something Amélie’s apartment has down. A beautiful wrought-iron bed frame like Amélie’s isn’t always easy to find a mattress for – but a bespoke mattress can be created to fit any size and shape. With the option of choosing your own shape, size, depth and comfort filling for the mattress, a made-to-measure mattress can reflect your tastes in more ways than one. 

Struggling to measure your iron bed frame for a bespoke mattress? Our guide to mattress measuring offers a few tips for those with antique beds or iron bed frames – read more on that here



Cher’s Bedroom in Clueless 


Perhaps our most unusual entrance onto this list – a bedroom in which the main focus isn’t the bed. Although we do catch the occasional glimpse of its magnificent, plush and golden edges – often covered with clothes, as film protagonist Cher struggles to keep up with the ever-changing demands of 90’s fashion – there are a few more diverting aspects of this style icon’s bedroom. 


The reason that Cher’s bed might not be the main furniture focus in this timeless teen classic is that our heroine’s bedroom is full – and we mean full – of amazing pieces. Her gilded mirror and Victorian-style mantelpiece pale into comparison when it comes to the real star of the show –  her walk-in closet! The wardrobe truly makes the most of Cher’s space – by incorporating an outfit checker (truly stretching the collective technological imagination of the 90’s). 

Get That Futuristic 90’s Bedroom Look

Though we don’t make furniture that’s quite as futuristic, that’s not to say we can’t offer you clever bedroom solutions: our bespoke bed bases can also double as a closet thanks to our handy ottoman storage options. No need to keep clothes that good on the floor – smart bedroom storage solutions like these mean you can enjoy your princess pad entirely clutter-free! 

The real eye-catching piece in this palatial residence, that headboard was the stuff of envy for a generation of would-be copycat Chers! With impressive height, plush quilting and that amazing gold frame, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is Hollywood creative license. In fact, our team here at Odd can make any bed fit for a princess, thanks to our bespoke headboard solutions. Adding a showstopping fabric upholstery, creating a bed-to-ceiling height or even a quirky shape is the perfect way to take inspiration from Queen Cher while making your headboard truly yours (check out our favourite bespoke headboard styles here!). 



Dreamy Red Bedroom from Moulin Rouge 


Finally, we couldn’t let a ‘best movie bedrooms’ list pass without acknowledging the incredible elephant-shaped bedroom which Nicole Kidman’s character Satine occupies in the revolutionary 2001 musical Moulin Rouge. This boudoir is deserving of a place in any film bedroom top five – I mean, did we mention that it‘s inside an elephant


This incredible apartment takes inspiration from across the globe – with Indian fabrics, and Moroccan-inspired influences, it isn’t hard to see why it’s such a memorable setting. The star of this show is Satine’s dramatic four-poster; surrounded on all sides by tasselled velvet curtains and piled high with scatter cushions. The eye-catching headboard doubles up as a window, with gold gilding and curlicues lending it an opulent air – just right for the Moulin Rouge’s most famous fictional performer. 

Recreate Satine’s Moulin Rouge Bedroom Decor

So, how can you take your inspiration from Satine’s bedroom? Here at Odd, we suggest that the more luxurious, the better – silks, velvets, and endless throw cushions lend this apartment an iconic touch of theatre. More practically, centring your bedroom around a bespoke bed is a truly show-stopping move, made all the more dramatic with a bespoke bed made to any shape. 

Draped velvet curtains are another instant win for the dramatic look – while Satine’s monochromic approach  – having the decor, walls and soft furnishings all one colour  – can add simplicity to balance out all that pizzazz! 


Making Your Bespoke Bedroom Design Come Alive

We hope you enjoyed this round-up of our  top five film bedrooms and were inspired to make your film bedroom dreams come true! If you’re looking for style inspiration, just remember to steer clear of the hallway cupboard and focus on those powerful pops of colour, silky pillows, and bespoke headboards that even Cher would be jealous of. 

Feel inspired to take things up a level and design a custom bed? The Odd Company’s bespoke bed service is here to help you create a made-to-measure bed, from headboard to mattress, and created to practically any specification. Take a look at our bespoke services or simply get in touch with our experts to find out what we can do for you.