For those who share a less-than-spacious bed, this may come as no surprise.  Several studies have warned of the many and varied disadvantages that a bed which is too small to share might cause. With ramifications stretching far beyond the quality of sleep obtained, considering a wider bed is of significant importance. 

How might sharing a bed negatively affect you?

At SLEEP 2017, the 31st Annual Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies LLC (APSS), a joint undertaking of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine found that couples who shared a bed unwittingly contributed to each other’s insomnia. Lack of sleep, as many people know, has been linked to a range of conditions including obesity, heart disease and diabetes  – a high price to pay for a poor night’s sleep! 

Not only does inadequate bed space pose a risk to health, but it might put strain on your relationship. A study observed that people who were forced to sleep closely to one another reported increased tension as a result of their proximity. A sleep expert at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, Dr. Neil Stanley, commented that a standard adult double bed in the UK is just 4ft 6 inches wide (or just 137cm). With a standard single bed being 3ft wide, this means that any adult who regularly shares a double bed with a partner has nine inches less available mattress space to enjoy at night than they did as a child. Such a drastic loss of space is guaranteed to cause restless sleep, affecting in turn multiple other elements of your life.

What steps can you take?

Though fear not – you don’t need to invest in two separate beds just yet! Many of these disadvantages can be eliminated with one simple solution: an extra-wide mattress, designed to fit your bedroom perfectly, made for you by The Odd Company. 

Drift into a restful night’s slumber with an extra-wide mattress, allowing both you and your partner to stretch and move freely without the risk of disturbing the other. This extra space combined with our natural fillings will ensure you stay cooler throughout the course of the night, helping improve the quality of your sleep which will likely improve how you feel the following day. In addition, the space provided by an extra-wide mattress allows you to take the weight off pressure points in the body, letting the mattress hold your body in its natural position and wake up feeling fully-rested. 

Bespoke extra-wide mattresses

Our bespoke extra-wide mattresses are all fully sprung, and can be made to any width on request, allowing you to continue sharing a bed without any of the disadvantages of disturbed sleep. Pick from our range of natural fillings and choose a suitable spring count to ensure a supportive mattress which holds the curve of your spine in its natural position. Enjoy sharing a bed again, with an extra-wide mattress made specifically to your requirements from The Odd Company. 

If you would like to know more about the advantages of an extra-wide mattress, get in touch with us today.