A new study in the US and UK has looked into the sleeping patterns of children and the differences in the views of parents about a good night’s sleep.

The Sleep Council in the UK and the Better Sleep Council from the USA teamed up to conduct research and found that nearly half of parents in the USA believe that getting a good night’s sleep improves their child’s performance in school, compared to just a quarter in the UK.

A good night’s sleep promotes healthy child development

90% of all parents in the USA believed that having a good mattress is an important factor in how good a child’s sleep is, compared to 60%of parents in the UK.

Jessica Alexander from the Sleep Council said: “In the USA there is much greater awareness of the adverse effects of poor sleep habits. In the UK, sleep has not yet been given equal status with diet and exercise as being fundamental to health and wellbeing.”

Having a good night’s sleep allows children to learn more effectively, have a more developed memory and react quicker to situations, so ensure your child get the best possible sleep by getting them a new luxury mattress from the Odd Mattress Company.