Buying a made to measure mattress is a lifestyle changing investment that requires a great deal of care and thought. Getting a good night’s sleep is fundamental to your wider health and wellbeing. For many people, a mattress is a once in a decade purchase and so it pays to get your selection right. With that in mind, here are our top 5 things to consider when buying a made to measure mattress.

Does the made to measure mattress have a natural filling?

When choosing a made to measure mattress filling, you have a wide variety to pick from. At The Odd Mattress Company, we would always recommend that you consider a natural filling. For example, any of the following:

  • Cashmere
  • Cotton
  • Curled Horsehair
  • Lambswool

A single mattress might contain several of the above natural fillings, each with a different role to play in providing you with the best night’s sleep possible. Lamb’s wool or cashmere, for example, tend to be used in the topmost layer to provide comfort and luxury.

The chemically treated fillings that are typically found in standard, mass produced mattresses can cause irritation and disturb your sleep. Contrary to popular belief, natural fillings are often hypoallergenic, meaning if you do suffer from allergies, chemically treated fillings aren’t your only option.

What is more, in an age of increasing environmental consciousness, made to measure mattresses containing natural fillings provide a sustainable option which are built to last.

All of our mattresses are covered in 100% cotton ticking to help boost the breathability of the mattress. In hotter months, it has the added benefit of wicking away any moisture that builds up on the surface. In fact, all natural filling mattresses help to regulate body temperature throughout the year.

Is the mattress pocket sprung or foam?

When it comes to buying a made to measure mattress, many manufacturers will only offer you the choice of foam. Whilst such mattresses can be produced relatively quickly and cheaply, they don’t offer the same benefits of a fully sprung, bespoke mattress, with natural fillings. For starters, foam is widely known for its tendency to retain body heat, making for a more uncomfortable night’s sleep in summer months. Foam also retains moisture in the form of natural perspiration.

At the Odd Mattress Company we prioritise quality, which is why all our made to measure mattresses are fully pocket sprung. A pocket sprung mattress not only feels luxurious but can provide you with a noticeably improved night’s sleep. This unique style of mattress contains a higher number of springs than a standard open coil mattress, all of which move independently. Each spring is sewn directly into its own individual fabric pocket, rather than being interconnected to several hundred others.

But why would you choose a pocket sprung mattress? Because of the higher levels of support it provides. The ability of each coil to move independently means it can more closely and effectively contour to the shape of your body, providing vital support for your spine and joints.

As with most mattresses, varying levels of firmness are available, allowing you to choose your own preference. Given that all the pocket coils are unconnected from each other, we can design and produce a made to measure mattress that is perfectly suited for two people with different needs, to share. One side of the mattress can be firm and supportive whilst the other side can be softer.

What firmness of mattress do you require?

The key to selecting the correct mattress, is finding the perfect level of support. People often confuse the terms support and firmness. A good mattress should support your posture correctly, allowing your body to relax and your muscles to sleep. Firmness is quite a crude term, and simply means the mattress will be hard. The depth of fillings used on top of the springs gives the mattress the deep luxurious feel that you would expect from a quality mattress. Firmness will not help a bad back but correct support will make all the difference.

At The Odd Mattress Company, we believe it is worth spending extra time with our customers in order to determine the correct level of support for each individual customer’s needs. A good mattress will be designed to support your posture correctly, allowing your body to relax and your muscles to sleep.

How precise can the manufacturer be?

Most manufacturers who do offer bespoke sized fully sprung mattresses will only offer sizes to the nearest 6″. The Odd Mattress Company can be far more precise than that and will produce mattresses to any dimension required.

What depth do you wish the mattress to be?

Bespoke mattresses don’t only consider the length and width of a mattress, but also the depth. Previously, the standard depth of a mattress was 7 inches but there is now far more variation on the market. As a result, there is greater variety of bedsheets to accommodate those differing depths, making life a great deal easier for anyone with a bespoke mattress.

If you have any additional questions about buying a made to measure mattress, please do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.