Renovating your bedroom is a refreshing feeling, giving you the platform to experiment with current fixtures and new colour schemes, while adding some pizazz.

In 2018, subtlety is certainly on the cards, with eye-popping vibrant colours and fixtures no longer considered the go-to trend anymore.

For bang-on trends, here are some of the best bedroom decoration themes that you should be incorporating into your bedroom in 2018.

Floating bed frames

Not only attractive on the eye, but unique in style too, floating bed frames are a must if you want to bring an element of luxury and sophistication to the boudoir.

These clever designs are considerably safe as their legs are built into the frame, preventing any potential tripping hazards.

Bringing great qualities from an aesthetic perspective, they are also incredibly functional due to the additional space they provide your bedroom with.

At The Odd Mattress Company, as well as custom beds, we can create a bespoke mattress to accompany floating bed frames.

Black and white colour scheme

Monochrome colour schemes are making a comeback with minimalistic home décor ideas more popular than ever.

Using two tones, such as black and white, helps create calmness – exactly what you want for a good night’s rest. Patterns are best used on bedding and on rugs or carpets, while walls should be kept plain and simple.

This colour scheme also conveys luxury, due to its resemblance to hotel rooms and suites. This style can be interpreted as both masculine and feminine, making it an ideal choice for those who share a bedroom.

A monochrome scheme can also be complemented with soft coloured fixtures such as grey, and different shades of white.

Adding more unusual pieces such as an Anglepoise lamp will help your room look considered rather than simply cluttered.


A trend that isn’t only popular in the bedroom is velvet.

We are in the midst of what’s known as a velvet revolution, as this fabric is certainly making its return to prominence.

This sleek, stylish material is ideal for bathroom furniture as it’s timeless, adaptable to almost any style and exudes comfort.

Hanging Lights

Considered subtle fixtures that largely go unnoticed in bedrooms, it’s easy to forget the impact lighting fixtures have on your room’s overall appearance.

And with the vast number of fixtures available these days, why stick to the usual bedside lamp?

Hanging lights, known as pending lights by many, add a stylish and contemporary finish to your bedroom, while creating a peaceful ambiance.

The light given off by these fixtures is very soft and subtle, as it doesn’t tend to illuminate the entire room, just the space around it, or a ‘pool of light’.

What’s so intriguing about hanging light fixtures is the variation of unique and intriguing shapes they come in.

The bed is the main centrepiece of any bedroom, so when it comes to renovating, it’s important that your nail this aspect first before focusing on other bedroom trends.

Get in touch with us today, here at The Odd Mattress Company, and find out how we can create bespoke beds that fit perfectly with your bedroom!