Hide Your Bedroom Storage, With Odd

It probably comes as no surprise to say that over the past year, we’ve all become a little tired of our own homes… With ‘work from home’ and ‘stay at home’ directives issued as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more of us have found our homes become multi-functional spaces – working at […]

How Does Sleep Affect Your Productivity At Work?

Now, this won’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s ever reached for a cup of coffee bleary-eyed at 7.59am on a Monday morning in the office – but sleep really matters. We talk about sleep quite a bit here at The Odd Company, as sleep has the potential to transform almost all aspects of […]

Five Iconic Film Bedrooms to Inspire Your Bedroom Design

Here at Odd, we’re always looking for ways to inspire fresh and exciting bedroom design ideas. Whether it’s through culture, films or the natural world, putting together a bedroom needs inspiration to guide you through the design process. As experts in anything bed, with our bespoke beds or tailor-made headboards, we’re always in favour of […]

Summer Hotel Staycations (For The Best Night’s Sleep): London & The South

Here in the UK, it’s safe to say that this year, more of us than ever are looking at holidaying a bit closer to home. From the sandy shores of Cornwall to the dramatic mountainscapes of Scotland, the UK is set to see record numbers of holidaymakers exploring their own local surroundings this summer thanks […]

The 6 Life Cycle Stages Of An Odd Mattress

Here at Odd, we understand that purchasing a mattress isn’t something you do every day. In fact, with the average mattress replaced once every 7 years, it’s one of the most considered purchases that we make in our lives!  With more and more consumers trying to be eco-friendly, sustainability has become a key factor in […]

Odd Sleep Tips: Can A Vaccine Affect Your Sleep?

As the nation blazes ahead with its vaccination programme to tackle the spread of Covid-19, it’s only natural that people have questions about the Covid-19 vaccine and what it entails! As with any vaccination, those who have had the jab have reported a number of mild side effects, which can vary from person to person. […]

Choosing Your Mattress: Memory Foam VS: Fully Sprung

When it comes to choosing your mattress, it can seem as though there are endless options. Fully sprung, pocket sprung, open coil, memory foam, hybrid…with so many choices, choosing the right option for you and your needs can seem far more complex than it needs to be! In reality, your mattress selection boils down to […]

Can You Get A Bespoke Standard-Size Mattress?

When it comes to bespoke mattresses, the sky really is the limit! Here at The Odd Company, we’ve created some of the most unique and innovative size and shape mattresses there are – from circular mattresses for floating beds right the way through to ‘The Berliner’, a commissioned custom mattress measuring 3 meters squared! With […]

Can A Mattress Stop You Snoring?

With the cold nights still very much a reality, and with few places to go, you could be forgiven for spending a little more time in bed these days. For most of us, our bed is a relaxing place, which is quiet, peaceful and a sanctuary for revitalising rest. For some of us however, it’s […]

Benefits of a Handmade Mattress

It’s probably no surprise to hear it – but here at The Odd Company, we think there’s nothing better than a handmade mattress. There are a huge number of benefits to a handmade mattress – ones that simply can’t be replicated by the mass-produced mattresses that you might find on the high street. We know […]