We’ve all heard that beauty sleep is a real thing, and the supposed benefits can have a huge impact on your life.

The truth is, beauty sleep is real! The more sleep you have, the healthier and younger you tend to look. People who get at least 8 hours per night feel more attractive within themselves; resulting in a better mood and a healthier lifestyle.

A simple nap or a full night of beauty sleep can feel great and relaxing, but can have great health and beauty benefits on your life. Maybe leaving the party early for catching up on beauty sleep isn’t a bad excuse at all!

how sleep can make you feel younger

Sleep slows down the anti-aging process

Instead of spending hundreds of pounds on a skincare product that doesn’t work best for you, get your head down and catch up on some sleep. Although sleeping can’t magically erase wrinkles after a 30 minute nap, it’s still enough to make a difference!

Whilst you’re snoozing away, your skin is busy making new collagen. This is a protein which keeps the cells in your body (especially on your face!) strong, and maximises the skin’s elasticity.

It’s also in the deepest stage of sleep where your body produces the growth hormone. This aids in cell and tissue repair, helping you look and feel more youthful.


It puts you in a better mood!

One of the best feelings in the world is waking up from a great night’s sleep and feeling super refreshed.

Sleeping can reduce your stress levels due to the endorphins that are released when you snooze; helping you to feel more upbeat and motivated to reach your goals!


You look much better

Sleeping doesn’t just have effects on your mood and health; it can provide a major boost for your appearance!

It can erase dark circles, droopy eyes and saggy skin and improve your overall appearance. The British Medical Journal conducted a study where they photographed 23 people with a normal night’s sleep, and then again after a lack of sleep. On almost all instances, the research showed that people rated the ‘before’ photo better in terms of health, attractiveness and tiredness.

Sleep deprivation doesn’t have to mean a lack of sleep for 20 days – it can be as simple as not getting the right amount of sleep that your body needs.

If you’re a girl looking to get the perfect hairstyle, there’s good news for you too! After you sleep on a hairstyle, it can be more ‘worn in’ when the extra nutrients get to your hair. It’s great news all-round!

You become more agile

How much better do you feel after a great night’s sleep?

Not only does a great night’s sleep make you feel better and uplift your mood, but it also improves your concentration and attention span.

The more rest you get, the more alert and awake your brain will be throughout the day. This one is particularly great with children as many studies have found that more than 8 hours of sleep per night decreases the likelihood of misbehaving in school, being hyperactive and being impulsive.

A fresher and more wide-awake version of yourself will definitely make you look younger, even if you are only young to begin with!

how to feel better after sleeping


Major health benefits

As well as notable appearance and mood benefits, sleeping also has major health benefits that you may not have realised before.

This study by Carnegie Mellon University found that less than 7 hours’ sleep per night can increase risk of catching the common cold. Your body is more prone to these kinds of viruses because it is not getting the amount of rest it needs; making it vulnerable.


So, if you ever feel bad about sleeping in late and having a lie-in, you’ll probably look (and feel) better for it! There are many reasons why sleeping can make you look and feel younger, so you don’t need to feel guilty when taking advantage of those extra hours’ kip. When you come to snoozing away, the bespoke mattress is essential. You’ll feel 21 again in no time!