Shopping for a new mattress can be time consuming and expensive. Comparing brands, prices, and materials can make the shopping experience a stressful one, so we’ve collated some of the industry’s biggest mattress myths to help you pick your new bedroom addition.

A firm mattress will help with back pain

While a firm mattress provides both support and pressure relief, it doesn’t adjust to the individual curves in your body. This can lead to areas of your back being more supported than others. Try a pocket sprung mattress as this will follow the contours of your body and offer support where needed.

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One size fits all…

We know that this most certainly isn’t true! Many of us require a mattress which is sized differently than the standard single, double, or kingsize mattresses. If you are taller than average, or perhaps you have an unusually sized antique bed frame, you will need a made to measure mattress. From short mattresses, to wide mattresses or even round mattresses, we provide bespoke mattresses to suit all requirements.

Additionally the support a mattress provides will change from person to person. Depending on different factors such as your weight, sleeping position or preferences, mattresses will offer a different level of support. Therefore it is important that you choose a mattress that feels right for you, and supports you properly.

A new mattress will be a perfect fit from the start

Generally you need to sleep in your new mattress for at least a month before your muscles and joints adapt to the feel of it. It might be made of a different material and have more or less springs than your old mattress, all of which affect your comfort levels.

It is also important to take special care of a new mattress.  When you first get a new mattress you should rotate it every two weeks for the first three months, then continue to rotate it every quarter after that. This is to prevent the mattress from nesting, where the material settles in one area.

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The fanciest mattress is the best mattress

Cashmere mattresses, silk mattresses and even Alpaca hair mattresses have been known to carry hefty price tags. But this doesn’t necessarily guarantee quality, nor does it guarantee this mattress will be the one for you.

While you should always keep your budget in mind, you should ultimately make your decision based on your needs for your new mattress.

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My mattress will last forever

It definitely won’t! As we mentioned before, replacing your mattress every eight or so years is a good rule of thumb to keep, as over time your mattress collects dead skills cells, moisture and germs.

You should also take into account that your body shape changes as you grow older, which may necessitate a different mattress than the one that met your needs before.


So you can see that not all the mattress myths you’ve heard are true! If you’re looking to find the perfect, bespoke solution for you, get yourself a made-to-measure mattress and get away from those sleepless nights.