It’s a subject that has been prodded and probed for centuries, but even though technology and scientific knowledge has significantly progressed, the topic of sleep still leaves many questions unanswered.

At some point or another, we have all been offered ‘pearls of wisdom’ from a relative or friend about our sleep, but is what they tell you actually true?

Here’s a definitive guide of sleeping myths debunked.

Having a ‘nightcap’ before bed will ensure a good night’s sleep

You can understand why this myth became so popular, considering that alcohol is a relaxant, which therefore, would enable you to go to sleep quicker (all good so far).

The problem with this however, is that as your body processes the alcohol, your sleep will become steadily lighter, which would result in a restless night. This causes the protein channels that control our sleep cycle, to be affected.

Never wake a sleepwalker

It is commonly believed that if you were to wake a sleepwalker, it can cause an extremely distressing outcome, potentially causing a heart attack or even sudden death.

Although it is likely you give them a fright by waking them, there is no evidence to prove that you could cause life-threatening damage.

Eating cheese gives you nightmares

One of the most popular sleeping myths and one that most of us will have come across.

Aged cheese contains tyramine, a chemical that is suggested to cause alterations in our dreams. Unfortunately there is no scientific evidence to suggest that eating cheese gives nightmares, so don’t be afraid to enjoy a late night cheese-on-toast indulgence.

Everyone needs 8 hours rest each night

It is widely suggested that the average person requires 8 hours sleep per night.

It pretty depends on the individual. Some require a full 8 hours to properly function the next day, whilst others only require 6.

Bill Clinton, Margaret Thatcher and Isaac Newton only required 4 hours rest, and it’s fair to say it didn’t affect their careers.

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