Everyone has endured a bad night’s sleep or two.

Constantly tossing and turning, mumbling, snoring and flinging the duvet are just some of the many things we do during the night.

But in some cases, things tend to get a little stranger, as these bizarre behaviours will show.

Sleep eating

This is a condition that, although it is very rare, is finally being acknowledged by sleep specialists.

Similar to sleepwalking, (as they are unaware of their actions) sleep eaters will roam around the house, and in most cases eat copious amounts of food, and have very little, or no recollection of it the following day.

Excessive weight gain, sleeping in the daytime, choking and injuries caused by utensils, knives and hot surfaces are very common.

Sleep texting

Are you practically glued to your handset throughout the day?

Well there are cases when people have woken in the morning to find they have sent emails and text messages, WHILST ASLEEP.

This is blamed on the impact that technology has upon our day-to-day lives and the how frequently we use our mobile phones.

Stop breathing

Whereas the other ones are relatively funny, this one is pretty serious.

Sleep apnoea, a condition associated with obesity, is a condition that causes sufferers to literally stop breathing throughout their night’s sleep.

When accompanied with very loud snoring, it occurs when the throat muscles collapse, which then leads to the airwaves being blocked, stopping breathing.

Exploding head syndrome

This one is really strange.

Someone with this condition may have just dropped off to sleep, then suddenly, BOOM, it’s as if a bomb has gone off within their heads.

Exploding head syndrome causes a loud noise to occur within the sufferers head, and has been likened to a bomb, gunshot or bolt of lightning –┬áIt’s painless, but distressing nonetheless.

So there you go, just some of the creepy and bizarre things we get up to during the night.

This blog post was written by Sam Rigby on Behalf of The Odd Mattress Company, the home of high quality beds and mattresses.

Featured Image Credit: iStockphoto.com / Murika (Via Custard Online Marketing)