Don’t be expecting to get a good night’s sleep tonight, as a study has found that December 23 is likely to be the night where we are most likely to lay awake in bed.

Research from Dreams Beds has found that 45% of us tend to stay up later in the week running up to Christmas, due to either partying or staying up late wrapping gifts and getting ready for the big day, and many people end up waking up earlier so they feel tired all throughout the daytime.

Christmas prep affects our sleep patterns

It’s not just Christmas prep that’s keeping us up late; many people are also missing sleep due to worries with the younger generation more likely to be kept up at night for this reason. The biggest concern this year is money, with worries about presents bought online not arriving in time also preying on many peoples’ minds.

The week before Christmas was described by 89% of people as “stressful and busy”, with only 7% saying they found it relaxing, so this could also be leading to the lack of sleep.

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Featured Image Credit: / andresr (Via Custard Online Marketing)