How to Stay Cool on Hot Nights

Sleeping in summer is a struggle for people all over the country. Unfortunately, we don’t all have air-conditioned rooms and sleeping with the window open may not always bring in enough of a breeze. However, trying to get some rest when it’s too hot to sleep doesn’t have to be a stressful situation. In fact, […]

Signs You Need a New Mattress

Image credit: / dima_sidelnikov (via Custard Online Marketing Ltd) We all love the feeling of turning the lights off, getting under the quilt and falling straight to sleep. But if you’re struggling to enjoy the experience, it may be due to your environment. Your mattress, pillows and duvets all have a major impact on […]

How to Deal with Bedwetting in Children

Whilst wetting the bed can be an embarrassing period for children, it can be equally as stressful for adults. The constant changing of sheets can be frustrating if your child wets the bed every night, but it’s not an uncommon thing for those in the early stages of parenthood to experience. Bedwetting, also known as […]